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5 Hobbies You Can Learn To Pick Up During Quarantine


Quarantine is good for you. 


I can’t believe I have to say this, but with so many people in the world still forgoing quarantine regulations because of some dumb perception of immunity, or even dumber belief that the virus ‘isn’t real’ (what do you think this is – a bad Hollywood conspiracy movie??), I feel like I need to drill this into some thick skulls that think their own personal comforts are more important than everyone else’s safety: quarantine is good for you. Stay at home. Don’t go out. Wear a mask. STAY INSIDE. 


But for those of you who are staying inside, who are abiding by regulations, who actually have the brains and the heart to lock yourselves indoors in your Bangsar home or your Sunway Damansara condo or your Puchong condo for the safety of yourselves and the people around you…well, thanks. Really. You’re doing great. But I think I speak for most of us that quarantine can still get…pretty boring. It’s good for us, and I don’t think any of us are planning on breaking that indoor streak anytime soon (save for getting groceries and stuff, I guess – and even so, stay safe!), but spending our day-to-day lives trapped indoors can get pretty weary, pretty quickly. There’s only so many times we can rewatch the same video over and over, or watch the same movie, or even read the same book. And eventually, we will start to hunger for more hobbies to keep our anxious minds at rest. 


So for those who are trying to abate their boredom by going outside to karaoke or something – don’t be an idiot. Go back indoors. 


But for those who do plan on staying indoors but don’t quite know how to alleviate the mundanity, here are 5 hobbies you can learn to pick up during quarantine! 

  1. Learn An Instrument 


Musical skills can be something incredibly valuable and incredibly fun to have. The ability to just pick up a guitar or a ukulele lying around and strum out a tune, or just sit yourself down by a nearby piano and flourish out a dramatic array of notes…doesn’t that sound cool? 


Picking up music can, however, be a bit of a difficult trial. Some people naturally have an affinity for it, while others may struggle a bit more to pick up certain tunes and particular melodies. Regardless of who you are, however, music can take a lot of time to cultivate – and depending on how expertly you want to play a certain instrument, may use up a lot of your quarantine hours simply YouTubing tutorials and struggling through playstyles. 


Still – if you’re having difficulties with a piece, don’t give up! I believe in you! 


  1. Learn To Juggle 


What might seem like a simple and somewhat silly act is actually an incredibly fun party trick! Contrary to popular belief, learning how to juggle well is actually much harder than it looks, and not that many people can do it as smoothly as they like. I mean, hopping one ball to another hand while catching a falling other, maintaining the speed and groove so you don’t accidentally fumble and drop them…it’s pretty intense! 


While not the hardest thing in the world to master, it’s surprising that not that many people around you might actually know how to do it. So if you manage to take up the craft of juggling pretty well during your quarantine months, you can dazzle your friends with your charming new skill! 


  1. Learn A New Language 


In a world marked by constant connection and multicultural communication, being multilingual is a skill that’s therefore incredibly crucial. To know more than one language means that there’s a whole other portion of the globe’s population you can converse with, and thus more people to befriend and/or learn from. It’s an incredibly conducive tool that can help you in the years to come – but that doesn’t make it very easy. 


Considering the differences and rules that vary from language to language, picking up a new language can be one of the most difficult things you can do. You have to relearn every little thing about linguistics; from a different grammar structure, to basic sentences, to a completely new vocabulary crammed with all sorts of new words. In others words – it’s pretty arduous. But if you manage, it’s worth it! 

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