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Bad Habits You Could’ve Picked up During the Pandemic

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What negative habits have you developed as a result of Covid-19? Why aren’t you exercising? Perhaps days of wearing the same pyjamas? It’s time to reevaluate now that we’re ready for work and gradually resuming our normal lives. Here’s a rundown of the negative habits you picked up during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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  • Gambling online

Gambling itself isn’t a negative activity. It’s okay to gamble and have some fun once in a while. However, it becomes a problem when it becomes a habit you are addicted to it. There are a lot of casinos in Malaysia online and it is even more accessible for people to gamble however if you are doing it excessively, it’s time to reevaluate it. 


  • Bingeing on social media

We’ve completely re-immersed ourselves in our devices as we’ve felt more comfortable at home. Since realising that tapping and browsing interactions with brain chemistry in a manner that mirrors social media addiction, we’ve begun working as a society to develop digital discipline. However, since social media has been such an easy way to escape from our daily stresses, it’s frequently the first thing we reach for when we really need a breather from reality. Sadly, perusing too much coronavirus news incessantly isn’t good for our mental wellbeing, and the increased blue light contact can disrupt sleeping habits, which can lead to immune system problems.


  • Excessive online shopping

In 2020, online spending increased dramatically. The year-long combination of boredom and stress also drove us to order a variety of goods we didn’t need, in addition to getting groceries delivered and topping up our TP supply. Evidently, new leggings are in order. Face masks, both the COVID and the beauty variety. A painting book? Sure, why not try learning a new skill? Expect more wallet-friendly joy boosters in 2021 when you’ve been engaging in a little too much shopping: Take a walk, make a phone call, or relax with a cup of tea.


  • Not exercising at all

The fourth bad habit is not exercising.

We may have considered this interruption in our workout plan as an unintended godsend in the initial week, then as we enter week three of a stay-at-home order, many people are beginning to feel short on motivation and energy. Exercise and movement are beneficial to our health in ways that go beyond maintaining a healthy body and muscle mass. When you workout, your heart rate rises, allowing more blood to flow to your muscles and the brain, carrying oxygen and nutrients to your cells. A brief exercise to get your blood flowing can be the greatest evening pick-me-up.


  • Panic eating

It’s natural for people to gravitate to comfort foods when they’re under a lot of stress. These meals can help you feel good by producing neurotransmitters in the brain that influence our emotions and sensation of well-being.


  • Ordering food online frequently

We’re all about assisting local eateries, which were particularly hard struck by the pandemic. However, if you’ve been patronising your neighbourhood sushi business so frequently that your delivery guy has become an official member of your Covid-19 pod, you might want to consider preparing more food at home. Try something different for supper, like vegan paella or red pepper nachos.