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Designing a Living Room


So, you want to redesign your living room? This is a challenge for many people. Whether you are doing the living room renovation job all by yourself, or hiring an interior design firm in Malaysia, there are several things to take note of.

Where should you place your furniture pieces?

Most living rooms are focused on one thing–the television. A lot of people, whatever the size of their spaces, love hanging out and watching TV. The thing is, while transforming your own living room to a grand home cinema is a good idea, it’s not really the most effective decision. In that kind of set up, arranging the furniture can be challenging.

If you have a huge living room, you can arrange your furniture pieces according to purposeful zones.

Decide on the style that you want.

After planning furniture placement in your room, it’s time to figure out the style that you want. Think about it. You will spend quite a lot of time in this place, so you need to love it. Your living room style will depend on your property’s age, lifestyle and your own personal style. For example, if your home is full of children, filling your living room with sensitive antiques is not a great idea.

Choose a specific color scheme.

What is the color that you want for your awesome living room? Think about the height and size of your space. If you have a small area, you may want to settle for a design that will make it appear bigger and brighter.

Choose the best living room flooring for your space.

It is the living room flooring that suffers plenty of abuse and use. You need to choose the most durable one. If you want to install a carpet, make sure that it is dark-colored to avoid stains.

Select the most durable and beautiful living room furniture pieces.

This is the most expensive part of a living room revamp. Thus, it’s important to think about what you don’t need and what you really need. Begin with the basics. What is that you can’t live without?