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Forex Trading In The Modern Era


The forex market is the biggest trading platform in the world as most corporate businessmen would trade in this platform to earn more income. Although it was made available to local businessmen, nowadays the forex market can be accessed through the internet. Because of that, almost anyone can get into forex trading as long as they have plenty of cash to spare, especially for elderly and retirees. Since the forex market is most well-known for being volatile, some countries have banned forex trading especially in countries that apply the Sharia Law such as Pakistan, Iraq and Arabia. For traders who are able to trade in their countries, they must apply for a license with a forex broker to be eligible for trading. It is also important to note that each forex broker is different from others as some fits the trading style of certain traders and some are beginner friendly.


FXTM is one of the best forex market brokers vietnam traders can open their account with to start their trading career. It offers one of the best all-rounder services to traders and it provides enough materials for beginners to learn more about forex trading. In addition to the educational materials provided from their software and website, both veteran and beginner traders are able to open demo accounts if they wish to test certain trading styles and familiarize themselves with the market before investing into a live account. And the best of all, FXTM requires a small amount of deposit for traders to start trading which is USD 10 and it is one of the lowest minimum deposit among all brokers. If you are a beginner trader and you wish to learn about the forex market, then eToro can provide the perfect opportunity to help you develop your skills as a trader. Specialized in copy trading, traders are able to open an account and copy any existing account. This allows their accounts to mimic the activities of the live accounts and provides an opportunity to study the thought process behind the sales and purchases being made. However, it comes with multiple disadvantages. First of all, finding an account to copy can be difficult and dangerous as some traders have a more aggressive style which could leave traders empty within a day. Secondly, eToro charges a high minimum deposit which is USD 1,000. And finally, copying an account could involve paying more money to the accounts you’re following as they do not provide free advice to their followers.


The forex market can be a dangerous trading platform as the value of the market you invested can drop drastically depending on the situation of the world. The coronavirus pandemic is one of the perfect examples how an external factor can influence the market. If you wish to get into forex trading, make sure you have some backup cash so you can stand back up and invest into another market properly.


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