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History of video games


Back when Atari published Pong in 1972, it was the very first video game that was created and introduced the concept of experiencing entertainment at home. Despite its simplicity, it became one of Atari’s biggest hits and it had attracted everyone’s attention. People were fascinated at how a simple game about two bars deflecting a ball on screen would provide entertainment for people at home. This moment in history was what inspired others to compete against Atari and develop their own games and consoles. Skip to today, SEGA, Capcom, Atlus and many other big gaming companies are now competing against each other to create games better than the others while also meeting the demands of their players. Because there are so many gaming companies that currently exist, there really isn’t a “number one company in the world” as it depends on the opinions of the players with even smaller companies like Supergiant Inc, who developed Hades, could be considered better than other big companies.

With the recent developments and popularity of games, some games were considered as “competitive worthy” through the introduction of ranked which involves players to compete against each other in a more serious matter. This is because players will be awarded with a medal that reflects their performance and commitment while also placing themselves on a leaderboard. Some games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), League of Legends (LOL), DOTA 2 and Rainbow 6 Siege are eligible to be considered as esports games due to their competitive nature. Esports games may sound ridiculous to the uneducated, but these games have proven their worth to be almost, if not, more popular than the sports events that we know today. In a recent world tournament held for LOL in 2020, the prize pool for winning the tournament is worth USD 6.45 million while DOTA 2 has a prize pool of USD 34.2 million during The International in 2020. Although it is not as much as, for example, FIFA which has a prize pool of USD 791 million in 2018, it is still a considerable amount despite being a sport about video games and the tournaments are held in large domes and have concerts of their own as well. It was also considered to be included as part of the Olympics at one point, but we still do not know how it will be done due to COVID-19. 

Esports are important for their player base due to competitive players introducing new mechanics that will affect casual matches. This is what is known as “meta” and the meta can change not only by the competitive players during tournaments as well. Popular competitive players usually live streams their matches during their off days which attracts more casual players to learn more in-depth mechanics of the game and keep up-to-date with the builds of certain characters.

With video games becoming more popular nowadays including during COVID-19, it will change how normal people treat video games as it can be used to treat boredom for the elderly and mental sickness as well.

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