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How Lo-Fi Music Touch The Hearts Of Avid Listeners


Music has developed over the years, from rock to hip-hop, jazz to EDM, and so on. The increase in music genre seems endless and there’s no sign of stopping the continuous diversity of music as a whole. One of the kind in particular emphasizes the term ‘aesthetics’ into a digital form. Many express how calming such music can be, out of the loudness and all about serenity while working for a network marketing software.

         Lo-Fi is a short term for low-fidelity which captures the imperfect elements during recording and production often in low quality sound. Music is vast but complicated when it comes to labelling, and Lo-Fi is among a style which is difficult to pinpoint what makes a song count as a Lo-Fi. It is wrongly suggested as harmonic distortion or “analogue warmth”, but actually consisted of misplayed notes, environmental interference, or phonographic imperfections (distorted audio signals, tape hiss, etc.).

         Lo-Fi’s biggest platform would be Youtube where numerous Lo-Fi channels rake hundreds to thousands (even reached millions!) of listeners over mixes that are basically looped chill hip-hop tracks which has become a sensation to the music community. These collections are commonly played while listeners work, study or rather, to relax after a long day at work. Artists such as Jordy Chandra and Maël (under their stage name, “In Love with a Ghost”) gain recognition through their works and still growing their fanbase for their works that is labelled by fans as “a calming Lo-Fi piece”, although Maël thought otherwise (and they stated that they hate Lo-Fi hip-hop).

         Lo-Fi allows listeners to make their own definition or sense to the artists’ tracks. These type of chill songs can be relatable in a way, whether from the long title of the songs, such as a l e x’s “the burn marks on my e-piano won’t go away” which gives it an emotional vibe or short title like towerz’s “bloom” where the melody is more cheerful and summery but calm beats. Various style from different artists open the doors to their listeners to connect with each other. Through titles or the beats or the whole piece of the songs, listeners claimed to feel at peace.

         Avid listeners of Lo-Fi found that Lo-Fi channels have the least to none hate comments. Hate is such a big word and is widely spread across videos with various content. Yet Lo-Fi channels are a place for the listeners to read the good things written in the comment section. Some encourage them to stay strong when life gets hard, giving spirits to any listeners who read them. It is the kindness which defeats the hate in everything, hence why fans of Lo-Fi often return to the channels to be at the comfort of goodness.

         Lastly, Lo-Fi acts as an escapism for the listeners to delve into (in a positive way). The world has been loud with negativity and hate which can affect one’s physical and emotional well-being. Different music fans have different tastes. To some, a calming sound to ease their anxiety would be the sound of nature, of birds chirping or the rainfall. Lo-Fi can do that as well and the listeners can search up any of their favourite collections to let their minds wander into somewhere more bright where they can be in a positive place. Whether to use it for studying, to work, to workout, and so on, they are able to focus on their tasks better.

         To this day, Lo-Fi keeps on growing its popularity and gaining new listeners. More people began to see the benefits of listening to Lo-Fi than their usual music favourites. Although the genre is composed of incomplete elements which are not deemed perfect, that is what makes Lo-Fi unique; it continues to thrive until it fits in into the music world and connects to the general audience. As Maël said, “I think as long as this world has the power to make people feel a certain way, I’ll be happy.”