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NDT Malaysia: Introducing Altus Marine Solutions

ndt Malaysia

Malaysia is blessed with a lot of resources. From the land to the sea, Malaysia has its own natural resources that it can depend on. People do a lot of stuff like business and so on. When it comes to marine, NDT in Malaysia is something that is widely known. NDT or Nondestructive Testing is basically a term that refers to a group of non-invasive inspection procedures that are used to assess material qualities, components, and complete process units. Damage mechanisms can be detected, characterized, and measured using these techniques. NDT is also known as nondestructive evaluation or NDE, nondestructive inspection or NDI, and nondestructive testing or NDI. Many NDT procedures can locate flaws and determine their characteristics, such as size, shape, and orientation. The goal of NDT is to inspect a component. All of that without causing damage in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

One of the leading companies in marine services is Altus Marine Solutions. They are top-notch and provide various marine services needs. From a small office in Johor, they developed since 2010 and now have their offshore bases across Malaysia which at Kuala Lumpur, Bintulu, Kemaman, and more. With over a decade of presence in the game, they specialize in three core services, Marine Services, Oilfield Services, and Logistics Services. Altus Malaysia also provides last-mile delivery. They are in the courier, express, and e-commerce industries through its wholly-owned subsidiary called Altus Freight Management. Altus Marine Solutions believes in the value and that is what they promise to deliver. Any solutions will be provided thanks to their expertise, they will handle any challenges up ahead. 

ndt Malaysia

In their lay-up service, they will provide a towing tug for the mobilization of a vessel or rig. Other than that they will ease the arrival of the marine assets, coordinate with relevant authorities for lay-up permits and handle all port and government agency requirements.

Altus Marine Solutions will conduct a seabed survey and a risk assessment for marine life, pilotage, and towage services are provided. They will do all the lodging, and work licenses are all aspects of crew management. Their crew and cargo boats are available for hire and for security and safety purposes, certified watchmen will also be available. Lastly, radio communication with the control tower is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lay up maritime assets would save money, but it would also put the assets at risk. Plus it will need expensive reactivation work if the necessary strategies were not in place. Altus Marine Solutions will analyze the economic benefits and go through various scenarios in doing the lay-up. On top of that, they will the lay-up period, condition of each piece of equipment and parts of the rigs, and the reactivation time required. 

Other than that, Altus Marine Solutions will decommissioning and dismantling oil rig platforms or floating processing and storage facilities. Companies will require thorough and expert inspections on a regular basis to comply with the numerous laws and they also will be required to comply with them at all costs in order to reduce risks and ensure the safety of all stakeholders. That way, all the stakeholders’ safety will be ensured. Lastly, a mobile team of professionals will be on standby, prepared with the necessary tools and knowledge to repair and maintain your hose at the nearest maritime facility, under command. Nothing ut the best here at Altus Marine Solutions.