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Top 3 Tips How You Can Help Someone With A Panic Attack

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In this modern world where you can simply google everything, it does not actually mean it would work. There might be things that make it hard for you to apply what you learn online despite the numerous websites out there. The development in software makes companies like website design company malaysia helpful in developing the websites online. However, it still does not guarantee that everything you got online can be used for any situation you encounter. A suitable example for this is handling panic attacks. People who have a panic attack usually have trouble breathing and have a hard grasp of their surroundings. This means you have to be careful and try to help them using the correct ways. Using a try and error method for the solutions you found online to solve this would only make matters worse. Hence, here are some tips you should perhaps know in advance so that you will know how to help someone with a panic attack.

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Don’t Touch Them

The first rule to help those having a panic attack is by avoiding any touch. This is because they might have a flashback from the things that trigger them into a panic attack in the first place. Hence, they might not even recognise people around them and who is just in front of them. This means there is a chance touching them will stimulate their senses and make them feel overwhelmed. They might feel threatened by the people touching them, so it’s not a surprise if they try to attack you. It’s a fear response in order to protect themselves from harm. This is even more true for those who have gone through something traumatic in their life. The best thing you could do to help is by avoiding touching them. Once they look better, ask them if they are okay with you touching them and only then can you proceed for a hug or a comforting hand squeeze. 

Ask Them These Questions

When they seem better and can respond to you, ask them about their senses. This means that ask them slowly about what they can see, hear, smell and touch at the moment. Get them through the answers slowly and this would help them to be more aware of their surroundings. Some people have a bad case of dissociation during their panic attack, making them numb to their senses. Their bodies are there but they can’t seem to see or feel anything. This is why these questions will help them come to their senses faster. 

Distract Them

Another thing you can do is by distracting them. As they seem faster to respond and more aware of their surroundings, there is always a possibility for them to fall back into their panic. Thus, you should help to distract them by asking them to count or let them listen to some music. If you can see them starting to have trouble controlling their breathing, then guide them through some breathing exercises. If they are fine with you touching them, bring their hand to your chest and breathe loudly so that they can follow your breathing.

Last Words

All in all, it is best for you to not panic and figure out what to do when someone with you has a panic attack. Stay calm and try these tips while waiting for help to arrive.