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Why ‘80s Watches Are Primed for a Huge Comeback


The 1980s were kind of a mixed bag when it comes to watches. This was the time when the so-called quartz crisis happened. This is where most of the classic watches were sidelined by cheaper, battery-operated timepieces.

Sure, G-shock and most Casio watches have made use of the revolution to create some stunning timepieces, but no one can really argue that classic watches do have their thing.

Well, it seems as though vintage watches are making a comeback as more and more people want to somehow relive ‘80s watches in the 21st century.

Read on to find out why this special era is primed for a huge comeback.

Hublot Classic Fusion

You may have heard or even seen this watch brand prominently before. That is because they are one of the watch brands that sponsor FIFA and other major sports.

Anyway, the Hublot Classic Fusion was originally released in the 1980s and its design has been inspired by a classic ship’s porthole.

The watch has a black leather strap, aluminum watch lugs, and a rose gold watch face and dial that makes it look unorthodox yet really eye-catching.

Omega Constellation

Omega is another prominent watch brand that prides itself on creating timepieces that will surely last until the end of time.

Well, their Constellation line of watches has actually been around since the 1950s but it has received quite a lot of updates through the years.

The Constellation ‘Manhattan’ was the one that was released in the ‘80s and looks really sleek. It uses a metallic watch strap filled with rose gold accents in between and has a predominantly rose gold watch face. Despite its appearance, it actually looks good in both men and women.

Seiko Prospex Arnie SNJ025

The Seiko Prospex line of watches were some of the first digital-analog hybrid watches that were ever released. The Arnie SNJ025 model is solar-powered and comes with different features that you can use depending on various situations.

The watch itself may not look as stylish as the previously-mentioned timepieces, but this one really takes the cake when it comes to functionality.

Rolex Explorer II

Another classic watch that has received plenty of updates over the years, the Rolex Explorer II is something that people should definitely consider even in this day and age.

The ‘Mercedes’-style hands which make use of rectangular, round, and triangular watch hands over a white dial is a winning formula that hasn’t received any changes over the years (and for good reason).

Tutima M2 Chronograph

This German watch brand may not be as popular in the entire world as the likes of Rolex or Omega, but they certainly have created watches that are worth mentioning.

The Tutima M2 Chronograph was first created in 1984 and this watch has been used extensively ever since the movie, Top Gun, was released.

It is a rather simple watch and its sub-dials that are meant for its chronograph functionality is not as big as others, but when you look at it from a pure design standpoint, it really shines.