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Why You Should Not Hire a Freelance Website Designer

website designing in Malaysia

Are you looking for a company that specialises in website designing in Malaysia? We’re here to provide you with the complete picture before you commit a lot of time, money, and faith in a web designer for your valuable business website. While we work with a wonderful group of ethical, experienced, and communicative freelance website designers, we’ve heard bad things from customers who have been duped by the awful ones and also have returned to us to pick up the pieces. Here are some of the reasons why you should be extremely cautious when selecting a freelance website designer to design your website.


  • You will not have back-ups since freelance website designers don’t have it too

You incur a significant risk if you collaborate with a single person rather than a digital marketing business. What if your website goes down and you are unable to contact the designer? What will you do if your web designer destroys something and then disappears? What if they abruptly quit during a big sales cycle? That’s when you’re in big trouble. Choose an agency with a large workforce so you’re never without someone to assist you.


website designing in Malaysia

  • Only one person is designing your website

When you engage a freelance web designer, you are usually dealing with a one-man or one-woman show. It’s just one person and any tools they have at their disposal. There are certain advantages to this, such as the ability to get to know your designer well. However, there are numerous disadvantages to dealing with a designer who can only provide the power of one person. A single individual can only do so much at once, which can pose issues for you. If the designer devotes their time solely to you, you may benefit from what they have to give. However, they are more likely to be juggling you with their other customers. A sole freelance web designer may abandon you, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Working with somebody who can’t really afford to devote all of their energy to you could be a complete waste of time and money. Perhaps they charge more, are costlier, or they charge at the lower end of the range, forcing them to deal with numerous clients at the same time.


  • No contract or agreement with freelance website designers

Validation is required, and securing your company is critical. Most of the time, a freelance web designer will not be as devoted, so it is up to you to define your terms, make strategies, and work within a budget to preserve your web designing. Working with a web design company that will have a deal established and signed for the successful delivery of website design will save you the pressure of having to draught your agreement and therefore will protect your company.


  • Freelance website designers might have other priorities

Website designing gigs are typically used as a side income by most freelancers. That is, you are not their top priority. Alternatively, they may cram your work in between traditional nine to five responsibilities. While some website designers are capable of handling several tasks, their lack of time and time management abilities frequently create bottlenecks in your website design projects. What was the end result? Projects that are dragging. Websites that do not launch until weeks after your deadlines have passed. And a lot of anxiety for you. Most websites should be completed in three months or less. If a web designer tells you that the design will take six to twelve months (unless you’re doing a huge, huge website that requires a bigger workforce to cover), run!